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Innovation360 Introduces Sherlock, the World’s first AI Innovation Management Engine

(Mynewsdesk) Innovation is the art of thinking differently, and no modern tool is better at investigating new directions for thought than artificial intelligence (AI). That’s why Innovation360 has just announced the official launch of their own next generation AI platform. His name is Sherlock and his powers of observation are quite literally super-human. His mission is to uncover hidden concepts within the world’s largest database of innovation data.

Innovation360’s Sherlock was created to be the first AI platform for innovation management – trained by input data from over 6000 companies in 62 countries. Combining and recombining ideas from every continent, Sherlock is truly a global project and is meant to be a resource for the leaders of tomorrow.

As Sherlock draws from such a massive, diverse dataset, the development team at Innovation360, knew Sherlock couldn’t come online until he was 100% contextual and tuned to the language of innovation management. Sherlock’s guiding principles are based on logic from the last 100 years of innovation research, including insights from Innovation360 consultants and licensed practitioners who have worked with NASA, Spotify, McKinsey and Co., Harvard University and many other similar organizations.

Sherlock’s development studio featured parallel automatic and semi-manual training, using parameters that included layers, neurons and activation functions for error detection and iterative learning. The team was careful to code in mechanisms for protecting against de-learning and overlearning. Perhaps most significantly, the ideation experts at Innovation360 continue to test the limits of Sherlock, add new input and output neurons consistently.

In The Adventure of the Copper Beeches, the 19th century consulting detective Sherlock Holmes famously told his trusty assistant Watson, “Data! Data! Data! I can't make bricks without clay.” Now at last his 21st century counterpart has all the data he needs, with more coming in every day from inventive entrepreneurs and thought leaders within corporate innovation initiatives.

With the power of Sherlock’s AI brain and the experience of Innnovation360 consultants and licensed practitioners to back them up, creative minds everywhere have the means to reframe the world’s toughest challenges and build a more sustainable future.


Magnus Penker, CEO Innovation360Group. Mobile +46 70-820 02 44 or

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Innovation 360 Group

The Innovation360 Group AB develops world-leading technology for innovation development. It was founded in 2014 by Magnus Penker and Martin Hultquist, veterans in the consulting industry who specialized in start-ups, turn-arounds and successful company sales in Sweden and abroad.

The Innovation360 Group guides organizations in sharpening their innovation capabilities and re-imagining their value propositions. It speeds up global go-to-market projects through innovative strategy and organizational development. Their research-intensive innovation assessments and metrics derived from their proprietary innovation database the Innosurvey®. Their methodology includes research in the innovation area, evidence-based analysis and recommendations on concrete execution plans for increased innovation capability, profit and growth. An overview of this proprietary process is published in the five volume Innovation360’s Complete Guide to Business Innovation.

The Innovation360 Group primarily works with organizations that espouse high ideals and demonstrate a strong international focus on innovation, positive change, profit & growth. Innovation360’s consulting is delivered both through its own service organization and through an extensive network of licensed practitioners in 28 countries all around the planet.

<h1>Innovation360 Introduces Sherlock, the World’s first AI Innovation Management Engine</h1>
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